Given the following styletile, the task given by my product design director was to adapt the look and feel into de most complex single pages and forums within totalbeauty.com. TB is one of the most visited properties of the company but content felt crowded and tight, also it lost identity in the community section and its inner sections.
Style tile for the brand new totalbeauty

Remote teammate: The main issue i had to face for this project was that the front-end i teamed-up with lives in Serbia, so communication on Agile had to be precise and descriptive.

Timespan: The whole makeover had to be taken care within a week.

Makeover: Even though totalbeauty was somehow clean, we decided to go "more editorial" as if a magazine was embedded into the site, as always product design manager nailed the look and feel for me to rock the rest of the site.
The Result

At EOD: Here's a before and after of 3 of the many pages that had to walk through my redesign runway.
Before / After
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