Tenampa Recordings Late 2015 – Early 2017 Graphic Line
Tenampa Recordings saw life back in 2011 when it released its first E.P called Double Flow; but I started working for the brand in late 2010, when I was approached by my good friend DJ/Producer Gabriel I, to develop the logo and concept image for a label he wanted to create called Tenampa Recordings.
It was to be a mexican label and from the start, I new that I wanted to create a brand identity around a grungy analog aestethic built around the Tenampa Dragon I created. EDM imagery tends to go into realm of electro representation and I wanted to stay clear of anything that resembled cold minimalist or abstract techno gimmicks.
What started out as a mexican label, through its years of life, has become an international affair and it's attracted the talents of many producers from all over the globe and the brand image has been evolving as well through a roughly yearly cycle. 
Shout out to Pixiden for the great Vinyl Record mock-up used here.
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